Pneumatic cylinders in accordance with C.N.O.M.O.

This range of pneumatic cylinder complies with Cnomo standards.
Even though it was originally created for the automobile industry, today it is also used in various applications where a sturdily-built cylinder that can resist difficult working conditions for a long time is required.
The barrel is connected to the heads using tie rods, which also supply the user with the cylinder mounting point.
This series of cylinders is normally supplied with end of stroke cushioning that can be adjusted using screws on the head.
The nitrile rubber seals can work both with and without lubrication.

Self-lubricating bushings for guiding the rods increase resistance to the stress that is released during the stroke.
If requested, a magnetic version of these cylinders can be supplied, inserting a piston with a permanent plasto ferrite magnetic ring.
The range of cylinders includes 12 bores that can be combined with 4 different mounting types.  Various accessories are available for the rod and the rear mounting.
The barrel is made of polished steel, and can be plated internally with chrome or hard anodized aluminium if requested.
The rod, normally made of chrome-plated carbon steel alloy, can be made from chrome-plated AISI steel on request.


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